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The number of people seeking dental treatment in Eastern Europe is growing every year, in general, the dentists are professional, clinics are well equipped and prices far below those in the U.K. However, it can be a risky business as sometimes standards are not what we might expect at home and, less reputable clinics have been known to use deceptive practices to entice you? Patient reviews are not always what they seem and often negative reviews are not posted at all. Price lists can be complicated and, where price lists are in local currency, dubious exchange rates may be applied. In other words, you need a guide to help you and that’s why we have established the Dental Travel Guide to help you make an informed decision, spend your money wisely and be 100% satisfied with the treatment that you receive.

We have focused on clinics offering services to foreign customers in each city and scored them based on a number of factors that are key when considering a successful outcome. We’ve included some important tips below to further help you get the best from your treatment.

Dental Travel Guide is currently covering only the three most popular destinations for dental tourism in Central Europe but the plan is to update the guide soon to include the newer destinations that are growing in popularity, Debrecen in Poland, Split in Croatia and Brno in the Czech Republic.

How It Works

We have considered only clinics that cater to foreign patients and rated them on the key indicators listed below;


We mostly used the website as a guide because nowadays every clinic should realize that a good website is very important. We did take into account that it’s not feasible to update websites every day and so, even if the website is not new, it would not necessarily count against them.

Scope of Services

Here we researched the scope of services i.e. whether clinic provides surgical procedures (implants) and/or has an in-house laboratory.

Trust Factor

This score is based on whether the clinic is using any dubious practices to attract business. These would include advertising non-existent certifications of recommendations, reviews etc. Overcomplicated pricing is also considered to be a negative factor.


The pricing score is based only a comparison of prices with other clinics in the same city or region and an assessment of the value for money provided. It also takes account into account the value of fringe benefits offered such as free flights, airport transfers or accommodation and other applicable discounts.

Dental Travel Tips

Here are a few tips that you may find useful:


It's always a good idea to provide an x-ray in advance and most clinics have an option to upload the file in the contact form.  This will help to minimize any unforeseen costs, however, no matter how detailed the treatment plan is, upon examination at the clinic, the dentist may identify additional work.  This is not likely to be major though if the dentist has studied the x-ray properly.


Always look for transparent pricing, if the price list looks overly complicated, this is not a good sign.  Less reputable clinics might lure you in with a reasonable quote and then convince you that you need a lot of extra work that was unforeseen.  Of course, this does happen legitimately because an x-ray is not a substitute for a an oral examination but a good dentist will try to provide you with alternative treatments that are within your price range.  Sometimes, this might involve using cheaper materials and it will be up to you to decide your priorities at the time.

Treatment Plan

Make sure that you receive a comprehensive treatment plan from the clinic before you make a booking.  Dental work can be very complicated and many clinics have very detailed price lists.  Of course, they may be very clear for dental professionals but very confusing for ordinary people.  Also, be sure that you are clear about the amount of time that you will need to spend abroad for each stage of your treatment and try to make plans for your time in-between treatments to make your trip more enjoyable and to take your mind off the treatment.  The cities are beautiful, explore them!

Freebies etc.

Many clinics offer 'Freebies' such as accommodation and flights but obviously, they are not actually free, the costs having already been built into the cost of the treatment.  As such, you must focus on the price of the treatment first and, if this is good value before you consider the freebies then, you have found a good deal!

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